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The Pay-for-Performance method is a much more aggressive approach than most classical SEO packages.

SMO Services

SMO is vital to an online company’s success because there are thousands of similar companies

SEM services

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a form of internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites.


E-commerce Model

Get Help With The Best e-Commerce Model For SEO

The force that pushes online businesses to become big on the World Wide Web has a lot to do with how their products and services are perceived on the marketplace. By going with a well-balanced e-commerce model, companies will be able to make their products and services stand out from the rest. Understandably e-commerce SEO companies are the leaders in the profession of designing and developing an SEO e-commerce model that will attract new customers with various SEO techniques and also create a website to help enhance a consumer’s experience, making them want to return.


Create A Unique SEO e-Commerce Model

It is a pretty basic idea on why you would want to think outside the box for your SEO e-commerce model. Due to the computerized mechanism of internet marketing, a place where mouse, keyboard, and credit cards are consumer’s favorite companions, traditional approach to marketing has been dramatically changed. There is little to no human contact, so you can’t “sweet talk” someone into purchasing your merchandise. You have to intrigue and convince consumers through enlightening words, images, and a smooth transition to visit your site, let alone make a purchase.


By using the right SEO e-commerce model your SEO team will strategically enhance your website to help make it a success. The goal is to convert more website visitors into more sales and more revenue for your company. You want to drive customers to your site by using the direct e-mail approach. Your SEO team will use brilliant e-mail marketing techniques that will build client loyalty, retention, repeat purchasing, and help with the up-selling of your products or services.


Help From Your SEO Company

The best SEO company will offer a customizable SEO e-commerce model for each of their clients. They are experts in the field of e-commerce SEO and work on building a revenue-driving market database of opted-in customers and advocates to ensure the best services are being offered. Each one of the team members has a successful business attitude of service delivery approach. And last but not least each team member has an extensive level of real life experiences that they incorporate into each SEO e-commerce model they design.

The SEO e-commerce model is based on the results and revenue that are achieved for each separate client. Therefore, the main goal is the success of the clients, which entices them to create a unique, successful SEO e-commerce model every time.



Fixed Pricing Model

What is a Fixed Pricing Model?

A fixed pricing model is best suited for those kinds of projects where all the specifics are fixed and clear, especially the ones of small scale and less in complexity. You can use this model when your project has all the requirements laid out clearly from the initial stage till the delivery time and there are no known changes happening.


Fixed pricing simply means you get charged for a finished specific task or project, no matter how much time or energy was invested into the project. The price is usually agreed on up-front, with a quote or specific fee. When the project is completed and you are satisfied with it, then you will receive your bill.


Starting Your Fixed Pricing Model

First and foremost, you will provide detailed requirement documents to your SEO development team on what you want and expect to occur. You and your SEO team will review the terms and ensure that all expectations, particulars are made crystal clear for both you and them. Your SEO team will then formulate an effort analysis and offer a fixed price and fixed time frame for the project completion. The best SEO team will also highlight the possibility of change and potential risks during the completion phase.


Choosing the Fixed Pricing Model

You would want to go with the fixed pricing model when you know exactly what and how you want your project completed. It is the best choice when you already know the details of your project and know that there are little to no possibilities of problems occurring. Choosing to go with the fixed pricing model is a great way to stay within your budget for any specific task because you know up front what the cost is going to be.


Team Mango Media search engine optimization services enhance your organic search results with all major search engines. Our crew of SEO experts demonstrates their competence in several aspects that include creation of compelling content, site construction, proficient keyword methodologies and linking strategies. We are an experienced SEO company in India that specializes in white hat SEO techniques creating substantial amount of leads for your business periodically.


Search engine marketing is not a one-time activity that can produce overnight results. Our process is streamlined and we strategize to improve your website’s ranking through appropriate planning and execution approaches. Team Mango Media’s SEO services extend to both new and existing sites and our portfolio includes a vast array of industries and businesses across the world. With the right blend of web marketing services, we weave a definitive and distinctive search engine optimization strategy for your business.

SEO Services

The Pay-for-Performance method is a much more aggressive approach than most classical SEO packages.

SMO Services

SMO is vital to an online company’s success because there are thousands of similar companies

SEM services

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a form of internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites.

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