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Content Writing

Content is perhaps one of those critical areas that offer your business and your website the maximum visibility. Mango Media presents content with a deluge of advantages to render to your organization. We design and write content that is custom-made and creative specific to your requirements. The content integrated with other web related services creates ingenious solutions for a business desiring the mandatory competitive edge. Our technical know-how and industry expertise extends a plethora of opportunities paving way for burgeoning business prospects.
Search Engines are the most proficient tool to nurture and grow your business. Techniques that make search engines dance to your tunes are both tricky and interesting. Mango Media employs the right kind of expertise needed to enable this objective of every business. Measurable results and very high return on investment are your benefits with our partnership.
Mango Media’s SEO services ensure your business stays on top of every potential client’s radar by generating more traffic to the website. This initiative is supported by tapping into search engine algorithms through intelligent use of keywords potential for your business and website. Our team of specialists conceives techniques facilitating this endeavor and deliver results that are par excellence 
Several Parts Of General Content Writing
The success of an online business is generally reliant on the quality of their website content. Therefore, general content writing should include technical writing, press release writing, SEO copywriting, article rewriting, website copywriting, newsletter writing and blog writing services.
Technical Writing
Offering a technical subject in simple language is definitely a challenging task. The general content writing for technical articles should be enlightening and at the same time stimulating, otherwise a tech-savvy reader will lose their interest while non-technical readers might fail to comprehend the meaning.
Press Release Writing
The main purpose of press release writing is to draw the attention of viewers about the latest happening at your company and thereby increasing your popularity. If it is written with care, it can play an important role in your marketing campaign. Furthermore, press release can help get regular flow of targeted traffic.
SEO Copywriting
The main purpose of SEO copywriting is to secure first page position in major search engines. The best general writing content specialists are experienced with blending SEO concept throughout the content without disrupting with the flow and quality. You want your SEO copywriting to have keyword rich content, help increase the conversion ratio, and make it visible in major search engines.
Article Rewriting
The main purpose of article rewriting is to sort out the deficiencies in existing articles and help enrich it with specific details to enhance its quality. Since you cannot change the subject of the article, determination and understanding are needed to rewrite an article.
Website Copywriting
The content of a company’s website must be simple, to-the-point and clear, so that the message of your business can be circulated to the targeted consumers. Because the content of your website is going to interact with possible clients, your general content writing needs to be creative and original. Your general content writing should keep the reader’s attention to the end, which is one of the main purposes website copywriting.
Newsletter Writing
Newsletter is a piece of general content writing which contains information about a specific subject. Newsletter is one of the most effective ways to increase the popularity of a website, because readers willingly subscribe themselves to this service. Due to this, newsletters need to be basic, informative and intriguing; otherwise the purpose of any newsletter writing will be ineffective. General content writing in newsletters is focused on increasing the conversion ratio, bringing more traffic to your company website, and helping by increasing your customer base.
Blog Writing
The concept of blog writing is gaining popularity with general content writing because it is an effective way to promote your business. Since blogs are viewed by a large number of visitors, they should be updated with fresh content on a regular basis.

SEO Services

The Pay-for-Performance method is a much more aggressive approach than most classical SEO packages.

SMO Services

SMO is vital to an online company’s success because there are thousands of similar companies

SEM services

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a form of internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites.

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